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massive data fields. Obviously, your book i canada goose -30 s way over my head, Trish said, but I understood enough to see an intersection with my metasystems work. Your blog said you believe metasystems modeling can transform the study of Noetics? Absolutely. I believe metasystems could turn Noetics into real science. Real science? Katherines tone hardened slightly. As opposed to . . . ? Oh shit, that came out wrong. Um, what I meant is that Noetics is more . . . esoteric. Katherine laughed. canada goose -30 Relax, Im kidding. I get that all the time. Im not surprised, Trish thought. Even the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California described the field in arcane and abstruse language, defining it as the study of mankinds direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses and the power

not appreciate being told what he would do in his own building. Maam, that may canada goose -30 be problematic. Ill have to check the assignment roster first. As you know, most of the lower levels are private offices or storage, and security protocol regarding private You will unlock SBB Thirteen for me, Sato said, or I canada goose -30 will call OS and send in a team with a battering ram. Anderson stared at her a long moment and then pulled out his radio, raising it to his lips. This is Anderson. I need someone to unlock the SBB. Have someone meet me there in five minutes. The voice that replied sounded confused. Chief, confirming you said SBB? Correct. SBB. Send someone immediately. And Ill need a flashlight. He stowed his radio. Andersons heart was pounding as Sato stepped closer, lowering her voice even further. Chief,

in stunned silence as they looked through the opening in the rear wall. Finally, Sato spoke. It appears weve just found our pyramid. CHAPTER 39 Robert Langdon stared at the opening in the rear wall of the chamber. Hidden behind the canvas banner, a perfectly square hole had been hollowed out of the wall. The opening, about three feet across, appeared to have been created by removing a series of bricks. For a moment, in the darkness, La canada goose -30 ngdon thought the hole was a window to a room beyond. Now he saw it was not. The opening extended only a few feet into the wall before terminating. Like a roughhewn cubbyhole, the recessed niche reminded Langdon of a museum alcove designed to hold a statuette. Fittingly, this niche displayed one small object. About nine inches tall, it was canada goose -30 a piece of carved,

Katherine and her brother spun to see an enormous muscular figure stepping into the conservatory. He wore a black ski mask t canada goose -30 hat covered all of his face except his eyes, which shone with feral ferocity. P canada goose -30 eter was on his feet in an instant. Who are you?! How did you get in here?! I knew your little boy, Zachary, in prison. He told me where this key was hidden. The stranger held up an old key and grinned like a beast. Right before I bludgeoned him to death. Peters mouth fell open. A pistol appeared, aimed directly at Peters chest. Sit. Peter fell back into his chair. As the man moved into the room, Katherine was frozen in place. Behind his mask, the mans eyes were wild like those of a rabid animal. Hey! Peter yelled, as if trying to warn their mother in the kitchen. Whoever you are, take what

of the desk lamp. Its spectacular, she whispered. Despite being sealed in a dark stone cube for over a century, the capstone had not faded or tarnished in any way. Gold resists the entropic laws of decay; thats one of the reasons the ancients considered it magical. Katherine felt her pulse quicken as she leaned forward, peering down over the small golden point. Theres an inscription. Langdon moved closer canada goose -30 , their shoulders now touching. His blue eyes flashed with curiosity. He had told Katherine about the ancient Greek practice of creating a symbolona code broken into partsand how this capstone, long separated from the pyramid itself, would hold the key to deciphering the pyramid. Allegedly, this i canada goose -30 nscription, whatever it said, would bring order from this chaos. Katherine held the little box

garden, famous for its ancient rosebushes and Shadow House gazebo. They moved past the garden, directly toward the magnificent building to which they had been summoned. A refuge containing ten stones from M canada goose -30 ount Sinai, one from heaven itself, and one with the visage of Lukes dark father. Ive never been here at night, Katherine said, gazing up at the brightly lit towers. Its spectacular. Langdon agreed, having forgotten how impressive this place truly was. This neo-Gothic masterpiece stood at the north end of Embassy Row. He hadnt been here for years, not since writing a piece about it for a kids magazine in hopes of generating canada goose -30 some excitement among young Americans to come see this amazing landmark. His article Moses, Moon Rocks, and Star Warshad been part of the tourist literature for years.

have run away with that pyramid. Maam, Katherine blurted, I need to see my brother. You can have the pyramid, but you must let I must? Sato demanded, spinning to Katherine. Ms. Solomon, I assume? She canada goose -30 stared at Katherine with fire in her eyes and then turned back to Langdon. canada goose -30 Put the leather bag on the table. Langdon glanced down at the pair of laser sights on his chest. He set the leather bag on the coffee table. An agent approached cautiously, unzipped the bag, and pulled the two sides apart. A little puff of trapped steam billowed up out of the bag. He aimed his light inside, stared for a long, puzzled moment, and then nodded to Sato. Sato walked over and peered into the bag. The wet pyramid and capstone glistened in the beam of the flashlight. Sato crouched down, looking very closely at

Square! Its a magic square! Then he said something about Albrecht Dürer . . . and how the pyramids first code was a clue to breaking this final one. Malakh was familiar with magic squareskameas, as the early mystics called them. The ancient text De Occulta Philosophia described in detail the mystical power of magic squares and the methods for designing powerful sigils based on magical grids of numbers. Now Langdon was telling him that a magic square held the key to deciphering the base of the pyramid? You need an eight-by-ei canada goose -30 ght magic square! the professor had been yelling, his lips the only part of his body above the liquid. Magic squares are canada goose -30 categorized in orders! A threeby-three square is an ‘order three! A four-by-four square is an ‘order four! You need an ‘order eight! The liquid