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property. Your house is amazing, Katherine said. Thanks. I got lucky in college and licensed some software Id written. Metasystems stuff? A precursor to metasystems. Following 911, the government was intercepting and crunching enormous data fieldscivilian e-mail, cell phone, fax, text, Web sites sniffing for keywords associated with terrorist communications. So I wrote a piece of software that let them process their data field in a second way . . . pulling from it an additional intelligence product. She smiled. Essentially, my software let the canada goose jacket m take Americas temperature. Im sorry? Trish laughed. Yeah, sounds crazy, I know. What I mean is that it quantified the nations emotional state. It offered a kind of cosmic consci canada goose jacket ousness barometer, if you will. Trish explained how, using a data field

whats in his bag. Anderson looked over at the bag Langdon had been carrying all evening. But . . . wouldnt it be easier just to ask him? What part of my request was unclear? Anderson pulled out his radio again and called in her request. Sato gave Anderson her BlackBerry address and requested that his team e-mail her a digital copy of the X-ray as soon as they had located it. Reluctantly Anderson complied. Forensics was now collecting the severed hand for the Capitol Police, but Sato ordered them to delive canada goose jacket r it directly to her team at Langley. Anderson was too tired to protest. He had just been run over by a tiny Japanese steamroller. A canada goose jacket nd I want that ring, Sato called over to Forensics. The chief technician seemed ready to question her but thought better of it. He removed the gold ring from

the myth in any way. The Masonic Pyramid is described as enormous, with a tip forged of solid gold. Moreover, Langdon knew, this little pyramidwith its flat topwas not even a true pyramid. Without its tip, this was another symbol entirely. Known as an Unfinished Pyramid, it was a symbolic reminder that mans ascent to his full human potential was always a work in progress. Though few realized it, this symbol was the most widely published symbol on earth. Over twenty billion in print. Adorning every one-dollar bill in circulation, the Unfinished Pyramid waited patiently for its shining capstone, which hovered above it as a reminder of Americas yet-unfulfilled destiny and the work yet to be done, both as a country and as individuals. Lift it down, Sato said to And canada goose jacket ers canada goose jacket on, motioning to the

you want! Lie to me one more time, canada goose jacket he said, still aiming at Katherine, and I swear I will take her from you. He smiled. And from what Zachary said, your little sister is more precious to you than all canada goose jacket your Whats going on?! Katherines mother shouted, marching into the room with Peters Browning Citori shotgunwhich she aimed directly at the mans chest. The intruder spun toward her, and the feisty seventy-five-year-old woman wasted no time. She fired a deafening blast of pellets. The intruder staggered backward, firing his handgun wildly in all directions, shattering windows as he fell and crashed through the glass doorway, dropping the pistol as he fell. Peter was instantly in motion, diving on the loose handgun. Katherine had fallen, and Mrs. Solomon hurried to her side, kneeling beside her.

truly at stake tonight. Dangerous times. Sato was relieved to hear her cell phone ring and see her analysts ID on the screen. Nola, Sato answered. What have you got? Nola Kaye gave her the bad news. The X-ray of the canada goose jacket capstones inscription was too faint to read, and the image-enhancing filters had not helped. Shit. Sato chewed at her lip. How about the sixteen-letter grid? Im still trying, Nola said, but so far Ive found no secondary encryption scheme thats applicable. Ive got a computer reshuffling the letters in the grid and looking for anything identi canada goose jacket fiable, but there are over twenty trillion possibilities. Stay on it. Let me know. Sato hung up, scowling. Her hopes of deciphering the pyramid using only a photograph and X-ray were fading fast. I need that pyramid and capstone . . . and Im

grotesques. He pointed high into the west towers. Tough to see him at night, but hes there. What in the world is Darth Vader doing on Washington National Cathedral? A contest for kids to carve a gargoyle that dep canada goose jacket icted the face of evil. Darth won. They reached the grand staircase to the m canada goose jacket ain entrance, which was set back in an eighty-foot archway beneath a breathtaking rose window. As they began climbing, Langdons mind shifted to the mysterious stranger who had called him. No names, please . . . Tell me, have you successfully protected the map that was entrusted to you? Langdons shoulder ached from carrying the heavy stone pyramid, and he was looking forward to setting it down. Sanctuary and answers. As they approached the top of the stairs, they were met with an imposing pair of wooden

Th canada goose jacket at text was written with an incandescent lacquer or something. The thirty-third degree was actually And the address? Sato demanded. Is this what this guy wants? Yes, Langdon said. He believes the pyramid is a map that will tell him the location of a great treasurethe key to unlocking the Ancient Mysteries. Sato looked again at the capstone, her expression one of disbelief. Tell me, she said, fear creeping into her voice, have you contacted this man yet? Have you already given h canada goose jacket im this address? We tried. Langdon explained what had happened when they called the mans cell phone. Sato listened, running her tongue over her yellow teeth as he spoke. Despite looking ready to erupt with anger over the situation, she turned to one of her agents and spoke in a restrained whisper. Send him in. Hes

form most likely stemmed from his personal associations with the prominent alchemists and mystics of his day, as well as his own belief in astrology, which were the underpinnings for the predictions made in his canada goose jacket Poor Richards Almanack. Malakh studied Franklins famous creationa unique arrangement of the numbers 1 through 64in which every row, column, and diagonal added up to the same magical constant. The secret hides canada goose jacket within The Order Eight Franklin Square. Malakh smiled. Trembling with excitement, he grabbed the stone pyramid and flipped it over, examining the base. These sixty-four symbols needed to be reorganized and arranged in a different order, their sequence defined by the numbers in Franklins magic square. Although Malakh could not imagine how this chaotic grid of symbols would