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tattooed hand? Langdon had asked himself the same question and the answer was unsettling. Well, it seems the man we are dealing with, in addition to being mentally unstable, is also highly educated. This hand is proof that he canada goose womens is well versed in the Mysteries as well as their codes of secrecy. N canada goose womens ot to mention with the history of this room. I dont understand. Everything he has done tonight was done in perfect accordance with ancient protocols. Traditionally, the Hand of the Mysteries is a sacred invitation, and therefore it must be presented in a sacred place. Satos eyes narrowed. This is the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol Building, Professor, not some sacred shrine to ancient mystical secrets. Actually, maam, Langdon said, I know a great number of historians who would disagree with you. At that

degree a few months ago. This is deeply meaningful to me. Im glad, but please know that those decisions are not mine alone. They are by vote of the Supreme Council. Of course. Malakh suspected Peter Solomon had probably voted against him, but within the Masons, as with all things, money was power. Malakh, after achieving the thirty-second degree in his own lodge, had waited only a month before making a multimillion-dollar donation to charity in the name of the Masonic Grand Lodge. The unsolicited act of selflessness, as Malakh anticipated, was enough to earn him a quick invitation into the elit canada goose womens e thirty-third degree. And yet I have learned no secrets. Despite the age-old whispersAll is revealed at the thirty-third degreeMalakh had been told nothing new, nothing of relevance to canada goose womens his quest.

side corridors and back rooms, the elegant stranger carried a key ring that seemed to unlock every door that blocked their way. Langdon followed, quickly running up an unfamiliar staircase. As they climbed, he felt the leather strap of his daybag cutting hard into his shoulder. The stone pyramid was so heavy that Langdon feared the bags strap might break. The past few minutes defied all logic, and now Langdon fou canada goose womens nd himself moving on instinct alone. His gut told him to trust this stranger. Beyond saving Langdon from Satos arrest, the man had taken dangerous action to protect Peter Solomons mysterious pyramid. Whatever the pyramid may be. While his motivation remained a mystery, Langdon had glimpsed a tel canada goose womens ltale shimmer of gold on the mans handa Masonic ring the double-headed phoenix and the

never been permitted inside Pod 5, but he knew very well what this structure must be. The Cube. Katherine Solomons lab. The flame raced in a straight line directly to the labs outer door. The guard clambered to his feet, knowing full well canada goose womens that the ribbon of oil probably continued beneath the lab door . . . and would soon start a fire inside. But as he turned canada goose womens to run for help, he felt an unexpected puff of air sucking past him. For a brief instant, all of Pod 5 was bathed in light. The guard never saw the hydrogen fireball erupting skyward, ripping the roof off Pod 5 and billowing hundreds of feet into the air. Nor did he see the sky raining fragments of titanium mesh, electronic equipment, and droplets of melted silicon from the labs holographic storage units. Katherine Solomon was driving

paper Rosenwald Collection National Gallery of Art Washington, D.C. When she scrolled down, a high-res digital image of Dürers masterpiece appeared in all its glory. Katherine stared in bewilderment, having forgotten just how strange it was. Langdon canada goose womens gave an understanding chuckle. As I said, its cryptic. Melencolia I consisted of a brooding figure with giant wings, seated in front of a stone building, surrounded by the canada goose womens most disparate and bizarre collection of objects imaginable measuring scales, an emaciated dog, carpenters tools, an hourglass, various geometric solids, a hanging bell, a putto, a blade, a ladder. Katherine vaguely recalled her brother telling her that the winged figure was a representation of human geniusa great thinker with chin in hand, looking depressed, still unable to

would be the ink with which Malakh would inscribe the untattooed flesh atop his head and complete his masterpiece. CHAPTER 82 Washington National Cathedral is the sixth-largest cathedral in the world and soars higher than a thirty-story skyscraper. canada goose womens Embellished with over two hundred stained-glass windows, a fifty-three-bell carillon, and a 10,647-pipe organ, this Gothic masterpiece can accommodate more than three thousand worshippers. Tonight, however, the great cathedral was deserted. Reverend Colin Gallowaydean of the cathedrall canada goose womens ooked like he had been alive forever. Stooped and withered, he wore a simple black cassock and shuffled blindly ahead without a word. Langdon and Katherine followed in silence through the darkness of the fourhundred-foot-long naves central aisle, which was curved

wondered which building was Eight Franklin Square. This was information she had requested canada goose womens from her analyst Nola, from whom she expected word at any moment. Bellamy and the agents now appeared, looking like ants fanning out into the darkness of the wooded area. Simkins positioned Bellamy in a clearing near the center of the deserted park. Then Simkins and his team melted into the natural cover, disappearing from view. Within seconds, Bellamy was alone, pacing and shivering in the light canada goose womens of a streetlamp near the center of the park. Sato felt no pity. She lit a cigarette and took a long drag, savoring the warmth as it permeated her lungs. Satisfied that everything below was in order, she stepped back from the edge to await her two phone callsone from her analyst Nola and one from Agent

reunion. Katherine fe canada goose womens lt her mind welling with desperation. Why are you doing this?! she shouted at him. What have we ever done to you?! Why do you hate my family so much?! The tattooed man came over and p canada goose womens laced his mouth right next to her ear. I have my reasons, Katherine. Then he walked to the side table and picked up the strange knife. He brought it over to her and ran the burnished blade across her cheek. This is arguably the most famous knife in history. Katherine knew of no famous knives, but it looked foreboding and ancient. The blade felt razor sharp. Dont worry, he said. I have no intention of wasting its power on you. Im saving it for a more worthy sacrifice . . . in a more sacred place. He turned to her brother. Peter, you recognize this knife, dont you? Her brothers eyes were