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three years ago. Now, as Katherine arrived at the same heavy metal door, she realized how far she had come since that first night. Her labnicknamed the Cubehad become her home, a sanctuary within the depths of Pod 5. Exactly as real canada goose her brother had predicted, she had found her way th real canada goose rough the darkness that night, and every day sincethanks to an ingeniously simple guidance system that her brother had let her discover for herself. Far more important, her brothers other prediction had come true as well: Katherines experiments had produced astonishing results, particularly in the last six months, breakthroughs that would alter entire paradigms of thinking. Katherine and her brother had agreed to keep her results absolutely secret until the implications were more fully understood. One day soon,

her BlackBerry in shock. Hold on, thats George Washington? Yes, Langdon said. Depicted as Zeus. Look at his h real canada goose and, Anderson said, still peering over Satos shoulder. His right hand is in the same exact position as Mr. Solomons. As I said, Langdon thought, Peters hand is not the first to make an appearance in this room. When Horatio Greenoughs statue of a naked George Washington was first unveiled in the Rotunda, many joked that Washington must be reaching skyward in a desperate attempt to find some clothes. As American religious ideals changed, however, the joking criticism turned to controversy, and the statue was re real canada goose moved, banished to a shed in the east garden. Currently, it made its home at the Smithsonians National Museum of American History, where those who saw it had no reason to

si real canada goose xteenth century in Europe, almost all of these secret fraternities had become extinct, most of them exterminated by a growing tide of religious persecution. The Freemasons, it is said, became the last surviving custodians of the Ancient Mysteries. Understandably, they feared that if their own brotherhood one day died off like its predecessors, the Ancient Mysteries would be lost for all time. And the pyramid? Sato again pressed. Langdon was getting to it. The legend of the Masonic Pyramid is quite simple. It states that the Masons, in order to fulfill their responsibility of protecting this great wisdom for future generations, decided to hide it in a great fortress. Langdon tried to gather his recollections of the story. Again, I stress this is all myth real canada goose , but allegedly, the Masons

Bookish bachelor seeking single Noetic Scientist? Katherine! The deep voice belonged to Robert Langdon. Thank God youre okay. Of course Im okay, she replied, puzzled. Other than the fact that you never called me after that party at Peters house last summer. Something has happened tonight. Please listen. His normally smooth voice sounded ragged. Im so sorry to have to tell you this . . . but Peter is in serious trouble. Katherines smile disappear real canada goose ed. What are you talking about? Peter . . . Langdon hesitated as if searching for words. I dont know how to say it, but hes been . . . taken. Im not sure how or by whom, but Taken? Katherine demanded. Robe real canada goose rt, youre scaring me. Taken . . . where? Taken captive. Langdons voice cracked as if he were overwhelmed. It must have happened earlier today or

had any name at all. Inmate 37. Like most of the prisoners at the brutal Soganlik Prison outside of Istanbul, Inmate 37 was here because of drugs. He had been lying on his bunk in a cement cell, hungry and cold in the darkness, wondering how long he would be incarcerated. His new cellmate, who real canada goose m hed met only twenty-four hours ago, was sleeping in the bunk above him. The prison administrator, an obese alcoholic who hated his job and took it out on the inmates, had just real canada goose killed all the lights for the night. It was almost ten oclock when Inmate 37 heard the conversation filtering in through the ventilation shaft. The first voice was unmistakably clearthe piercing, belligerent accent of the prison administrator, who clearly did not appreciate being woken up by a late-night visitor. Yes, yes,

pause on the line, and then the man replied, Yes, I do. The o real canada goose ld man smiled. I thought you might, Professor. Come at once. Make sure youre not followed. CHAPTER 71 Malakh stood naked in the billowing warmth of his steam shower. He felt pure aga real canada goose in, having washed off the last remaining scent of ethanol. As the eucalyptus-infused vapors permeated his skin, he could feel his pores opening to the heat. Then he began his ritual. First, he rubbed depilatory chemicals across his tattooed body and scalp, removing any traces of body hair. Hairless were the gods of the seven islands of Heliades. Then he massaged Abramelin oil into his softened and receptive flesh. Abramelin is the sacred oil of the great Magi. Then he turned his shower lever hard to the left, and the water turned ice cold. He stood

LOG-IN USER: INOUE SATO SECURITY CLEARANCE: LEVEL 5 Beneath the laptops log-in window, a progress icon was spinning: ONE MOMENT PLEASE . . . DECRYPTING FILE . . . Bellamys gaze shot back up to Sato, whose eyes were locked on his. I had not wanted to show you this, she said. But youve left me no choice. The screen flickered again, and Bellamy glanced back down as the file opened, its contents filling the entire LCD. For several moments, Bellamy stared at the screen, trying to make sense of what he w real canada goose as looking at. Gradually, as it began to dawn on him, he felt the blood draining from his face. He stared in horror, unable to look away. But this is . . . impossible! he exclaimed. How . . . could this be! Satos face was grim. You tell me, Mr. Bellamy. You tell me. As the Ar real canada goose chitect of the

rolled, kicking with his legs, trying to back away, but the huge tattooed man grabbed him, flipping him onto his back and straddling his chest. He placed his knees on Langdons biceps, pinning Langdon pain fully to the floor. The mans chest bore a rippling double-headed phoenix. His neck, face, and shaved head were covered with a dazzling array of unusually intricate symbolssigils, Langdon knewwhich were used in the rituals of dark ceremonial magic. Before Langdon could process anything more, the hu real canada goose ge man clasped Langdons ears between his palms, lifted his head up off real canada goose the floor, and, with incredible force, smashed it back down onto the hardwood. Everything went black. CHAPTER 96 Malakh stood in his hallway and surveyed the carnage around him. His home looked like a battlefield. Robert