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footfalls echoed crisply on the audio feed until, suddenly, arriving at the exact center of the Rotunda, he stopped short, ended his phone call, and then knelt down as if to tie his shoe. But instead of tying a shoe, he pulled something out of his sling and set it on the floor. Then he stood up and limped briskly toward the east exit. Anderson eyed the oddly shaped object the man had left behind. What in the world? It was about eight inches tall and standing vertically. Anderson crouched closer to the screen and squinted. That cant be w canada goose factory toronto hat it looks like! As the bald canada goose factory toronto man hurried off, disappearing through the east portico, a little boy nearby could be heard saying, Mommy, that man dropped something. The boy drifted toward the object but suddenly stopped short. After a long, motionless beat,

see up under the fingers to the hidden part of Peters palm. Maybe its not written on paper. Tattooed? Anderson said. Langdon nodded. Do you see anything on the palm? Sato asked. Langdon crouched lower, trying to peer up under the loosely clenched fingers. The angle is impossible. I cant Oh, for heavens sake, Sato said, moving toward him. Just open the damned thing! Anderson stepped in front of her. Maam! We should really wait for forensics before we touch I want some answers, Sato said, pushing past him. She crouched down, edging Langdon away from the hand. Langdon stood up and watched in disbelief as Sato pulled a pen from her pocket, sliding it carefully under the three clenched fingers. Then, one by one, she pried each finger upward until canada goose factory toronto the hand stood f canada goose factory toronto ully open, with its palm visible.

through which the deceased pharaohs could ascend to the gods, were they not? True. Sato stopped short and caught Langdons arm, glaring up at him with an expression somewhere between surpri canada goose factory toronto se and disbelief. Youre saying Peter Solomons captor told you to find a hidden portal, and it didnt occur to you that he was talking about the Masonic Pyramid from this legend? By any name, the Masonic Pyramid is canada goose factory toronto a fairy tale. Its purely fantasy. Sato stepped closer to him now, and Langdon could smell her cigarette breath. I understand your position on that, Professor, but for the sake of my investigation, the parallel is hard to ignore. A portal leading to secret knowledge? To my ear, this sounds a lot like what Peter Solomons captor claims you, alone, can unlock. Well, I can hardly believe What you

his head, slowing the playback. Wait a minute. Thats odd. What? The gentleman came out of Wet Pod alone. Trish stayed inside? Yes, it looks that way. Im watching your guest now . . . hes in the hall on his own. Where is Trish? Katherine asked more frantically. I dont see her on the video feed, he replied, an edge of anxiety creeping into his voice. He looked back at the screen and noticed that the mans jacket sleeves appeared to be wet . . . all the way up to his elbows. What in the world did canada goose factory toronto he do in Wet Pod? The guard watched as the man began to move purposefully down the main hallway toward Pod 5, clutching in hi canada goose factory toronto s hand what looked like . . . a key card. The guard felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. Ms. Solomon, weve got a serious problem. Tonight was a night of firsts

wanted. Zachary Solomon would have to die for this to work, explained Inmate 37. But we could both disappear immediately. You could retire to the Greek Islands. You would never see this place canada goose factory toronto again. After some discussion, the two men shook hands. Soon Zachary Solomon will be dead, Inmate 37 thought, smiling to think how easy it would be. It was two days later that the State Department contacted the Solomon family with the horrific news. The prison snapshots showed their sons brutally bludgeoned body, lying curled and lifeless on the canada goose factory toronto floor of his prison cell. His head had been bashed in by a steel bar, and the rest of him was battered and twisted beyond what was humanly imaginable. He appeared to have been tortured and finally killed. The prime suspect was the prison administrator himself,

at last be prepared for his final transformation. Malakh padded across his bedroom and took from his bottom drawer a long strip of white silk. As he had done many times before, he wrapped it around his groin and buttocks. Then he went downstairs. In his office, his canada goose factory toronto computer had received an e-mail message. It was from his contact: WHAT YOU REQUIRE IS NOW WITHIN REACH. I WILL CONTACT YOU WITHIN THE HOUR. PATIENCE. Malakh smiled. It was time to make final preparations. CHAPTER 72 The CIA field agent was in a foul mood as he descended from the reading-room balcony. Bellamy lied to us. The agent had seen no heat signatures whatsoever upstairs near the Moses statue, nor anywhere else upstairs for that matter. So where the h canada goose factory toronto ell did Langdon go? The agent retraced his steps now to the only place

said. The CIA thrives on technological advancement and has always experimented with the mystical sciencesESP, remote viewing, sensory deprivation, pharmacologically induced highly mentalized states. Its all the same thing tapping the unseen potential of the hu canada goose factory toronto man min canada goose factory toronto d. If theres one thing Ive learned from Peter, its this: Science and mysticism are very closely related, distinguishable only by their approaches. They have identical goals . . . but different methods. Peter tells me, Galloway said, that your field of study is a kind of modern mystical science? Noetics, Katherine said, nodding. And its proving man has powers unlike anything we can imagine. She motioned to a stained-glass window depicting the familiar image of the Luminous Jesus, that of Christ with rays of light flowing from

kitchen blared. The sound of voices from the TV had been part of the deception, and Malakh had yet to turn it off. The station was now broadcasting a televangelist leading his congregation in the Lords Prayer. Malakh wondered if any of his hypnotized viewers had any idea where this prayer really came from. . canada goose factory toronto . . On earth as it is in heaven . . . the group intoned. Yes, Malakh thought. As above, so below. . . . And lead us not into temptation . . . Help us master the weakness of our flesh. . . . Deliver us from evil . . . they all beseeched. Malakh smiled. That could be difficult. The darkness is growing. Even so, he had to give them credit for trying. Humans who spoke to invisible forces and reques canada goose factory toronto ted help were a dying breed in this modern world. Malakh was dragging Langdon across the