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however, Katherine knew she would publish some of the most tr canada goose victoria parka small ansformative scientific revelations in human history. A secret lab in a secret museum, she thought, inserting her key card into the Pod 5 door. The keypad lit up, and Katherine typed her PIN. The steel door hissed open. The familiar hollow moan was accompanied by the same blast of cold air. As always, Katherine felt her pulse rate start to climb. Strangest commute on earth. Steeling herself for the journey, Katherine Solomon glanced at her watch as she stepped into the void. Tonight, however, a troubled thought followed her inside. Where is Peter? C canada goose victoria parka small HAPTER 12 Capitol police chief Trent Anderson had overseen security in the U.S. Capitol Complex for over a decade. A burly, square-chested man with a chiseled face and red hair, he

suspect that it was one of the last vestigial links canada goose victoria parka small to a time when the father of the country had watched over the U.S. Capitol as a god . . . like Zeus watching over the Pantheon. Sato began dialing a number on her BlackBerry, apparently seeing this as an opportune moment to check in with her staff. What have you got? She listened patiently. I see . . . She glanced directly at Langdon, then at Peters hand. Youre certain? She listened a moment longer. Okay, thanks. She hung up and turned back toward Langdon. My support staff did some research and confirms the exis canada goose victoria parka small tence of your so-called Hand of the Mysteries, corroborating everything you said: five fingertip markingsthe star, the sun, the key, the crown, and the lanternas well as the fact that this hand served as an ancient invitation to

transported their secret wisdom from the Old World to the New Worldhere, to Americaa land they hoped would remain free from religious tyranny. And here they built an impenetrable fortressa hidden pyramiddesigned to prot canada goose victoria parka small ect the Ancient Mysteries until the time that all of mankind was ready to handle the awesome power that this wisdom could communicate. According to the myth, the Masons crowned their great pyramid with a shining, solid-gold capstone as symbol of the precious treasure within the ancient wisdom ca canada goose victoria parka small pable of empowering mankind to his full human potential. Apotheosis. Quite a story, Sato said. Yes. The Masons fall victim to all kinds of crazy legends. Obviously you dont believe such a pyramid exists. Of course not, Langdon replied. Theres no evidence whatsoever to suggest that our

maybe yesterday. This isnt funny, she said angrily. My brother is fine. I just spoke to him fifteen minutes ago! You did?! Langdon sounded stunned. Yes! He just texted me to say he was coming to the lab. He texted you . . . Langdon thought out loud. But you didnt actually hear his voice? No, but Listen to me. The text you received was not from your brother. Someone has Peters phone. Hes dangerous. Whoever it is tricked me into coming to Washington tonight. Tricked you? Youre not making any sense! I know, Im so sorry. Langdon seemed uncharacteristically disorientated. Katherine, I think you could be i canada goose victoria parka small n danger. Katherine Solomon was sure that Langdon would never joke about something like this, and yet he sounded like he had lost his mind. Im fine, canada goose victoria parka small she said. Im locked inside a secure building

youve come a long way, he was saying, but there are no visitors for the first month. State regulations. No exceptions. The voice that replied was soft and refined, filled with pain. Is my son safe? He is a drug addict. Is he being treated well? Well enough, the administrator said. This is not a hotel. Th canada goose victoria parka small ere was a pained pause. You do realize the U.S. State Department will request extradition. Yes, yes, they always do. It will be granted, although the paperwork might take us a couple of canada goose victoria parka small weeks . . . or even a month . . . depending. Depending on what? Well, the administrator said, we are understaffed. He paused. Of course, sometimes concerned parties like yourself make donations to the prison staff to help us push things through more quickly. The visitor did not reply. Mr. Solomon, the

beneath the frigid water for a full minute to close his canada goose victoria parka small pores and trap the heat and energy within his core. The cold served as a reminder of the icy river in which this transformation had begun. When he stepped from the shower, he was shivering, but within seconds, his core heat emanated up through his layers of flesh and warmed him. Malakhs insides felt like a furnace. He stood naked before the mirror and admire canada goose victoria parka small d his form . . . perhaps the last time he would see himself as a mere mortal. His feet were the talons of a hawk. His legsBoaz and Jachinwere the ancient pillars of wisdom. His hips and abdomen were the archways of mystical power. Hanging beneath the archway, his massive sex organ bore the tattooed symbols of his destiny. In another life, this heavy shaft of flesh had been his

Capitol began to fully comprehend canada goose victoria parka small the ramifications of what he w canada goose victoria parka small as seeing, he could feel his entire world teetering precariously on the brink of disaster. My God . . . Ive made a terrible, terrible mistake! CHAPTER 84 Dean Galloway felt alive. Like all mortals, he knew the time was coming when he would shed his mortal shell, but tonight was not the night. His corporeal heart was beating strong and fast . . . and his mind felt sharp. There is work to be done. As he ran his arthritic hands across the pyramids smooth surfaces, he could scarcely believe what he was feeling. I never imagined I would live to witness this moment. For generations, the pieces of the symbolon map had been kept safely apart from one another. Now they were united at last. Galloway wondered if this was the foretold

Langdon lay unconscious at his feet. Katherine Solomon was bound and gagged on the dining-room floor. The corpse of a female security guard lay crumpled nearby, having toppled off the chair where she was propped. This female guard, eager to save her own life, had done exactly as Malakh commanded. With a knife to her throat, she had answered Malakhs cell phone and told the lie that had coaxed Langdon and Katherine to come racing out here. She had no partner, and Peter Solomon was certainly not okay. As soon as the woman had given her performance, Malakh had quietly strangled her. To complete the illusion that Malakh was not home, he had phoned Bel canada goose victoria parka small lamy using the hands-free sp canada goose victoria parka small eaker in one of his cars. Im on the road, he had told Bellamy and whoever else had been listening. Peter is in my