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reading, she suddenly gasped and recoiled. My God, it even describes how six of the dimensions are entangled and act as one?! She took a frightened step backward. What is this book?! Her brother grinned. So canada goose jackets womens mething Im hoping youll read one day. He flipped back to the title page, where an ornately printed plate bore three words. The Complete Zohar. Although Katherine had never read the Zohar, she knew it was the fundamental text of early Jewish mysticism, once believed so potent that it was reserved only for the most erudite rabbis. Katherine eyed the book. Youre saying the early mystics knew their universe had ten dimensions? Absolutely. He motioned to the pages illustra canada goose jackets womens tion of ten intertwined circles called Sephiroth. Obviously, the nomenclature is esoteric, but the physics is very

indicating Katherine had left a voice mail. Malakh retrieved it. Peter, its me again. Katherines voice sounded concerned. Where are you? Im still thinking about my conversation with Dr. Abaddon . . . and Im worried. Is everything okay? Please call me. Im at the lab. The voice mail ended. Malakh smiled. Katherine should worry less about her brother, and more about herself. He turned off Suitland Parkway onto Silver Hill Road. Less than a mile later, in the darkness, he spotted the faint outline canada goose jackets womens of the SMSC nestled in the trees off the highway to his right. The entire complex canada goose jackets womens was surrounded by a high razor-wire fence. A secure building? Malakh chuckled to himself. I know someone who will open the door for me. CHAPTER 24 The revelation crashed over Langdon like a wave. I know why I am here.

ignore the cramped walls on either side of him. There was barely room for his shoulders on this staircase, and his daybag now scraped down the sidewall. Maybe you should leave your bag above, Sato offered behind him. Im fine, Langdon replied, having no intention of letting it out of his sight. He pictured Peters little package and could not begin to imagine how it might relate to anything in the subbasement of the U.S. Capitol. Just a few more steps, Anderson said. Almost there. The group had descended into darkness, moving beyond the reach of the staircases lone lightbulb. When Langdon stepped off the final wooden tread, he could feel tha canada goose jackets womens t the floor beneath his feet was dirt. Journey to the center of the Earth. S canada goose jackets womens ato stepped down behind him. Anderson now raised his beam, examining their

going to make it. Then Katherine realized she had one final card to play. As she neared the corner of Pod 5, she could hear his footsteps quickly overtaking her in the dark canada goose jackets womens ness. Now or never. Instead of rounding the corner, Katherine suddenly canada goose jackets womens cut hard to her left, away from the building, out onto the grass. As she did so, she closed her eyes tightly, placed both hands over her face, and began running totally blind across the lawn. The motion-activated security lighting that blazed to life around Pod 5 transformed night into day instantly. Katherine heard a scream of pain behind her as the brilliant floodlights seared into her assailants hyper dilated pupils with over twenty-five-million candlepower of light. She could hear him stumbling on the loose stones. Katherine kept her eyes tightly

key card to get out. Get out of where?! Langdon demanded. But Bellamy was already pulling levers. All canada goose jackets womens the different conveyors in the room hummed to life. Langdon felt himself jolt into motion, and the ceiling began moving overhead. God save me. As Langdon approached the opening in the wall, he looked back and saw Warren Bellamy race through the doorway into the stacks, closing the door behind him. An instant later, Langdon slid into the darkness, swallowed up by the library . . . just as a glowing red laser dot came dancing down the stairs. CHAPTER 60 The underpaid female security guard from Preferred Security double-checked the Kalorama Heights address on her call sheet. This is it? The gated driveway before her belong canada goose jackets womens ed to one of the neighborhoods largest and quietest estates, and so it

over the barrel of Andross handgun. As he fell, the world above him receded, everything disappearing as he was enveloped by the cloud of billowing mist from the waterfall upstream. For an instant, everything was white, like heaven. Then he hit canada goose jackets womens the ice. Cold. Black. Pain. He was tumbling . . . being dragged by a powerful force that pounded him relentlessly across rocks in an impossibly cold void. His lungs ached for air, and yet his chest muscles had contracted so violently in the cold that he was unable even to inhale. Im under the ice. The ice near the waterfall was apparently thin on account of the turbulent water, and And canada goose jackets womens ros had broken directly through it. Now he was being washed downstream, trapped beneath a transparent ceiling. He clawed at the underside of the ice, trying to break

decision had begun a chain of events that eventually dragged the young man into the depths of hell. Soganlik Prison. Zachary Solomon had died in that Turkish prison. The whole world knew the story . . . but what they didnt know was that Peter Solomon could have saved his son. I was there, Malakh thought. I heard it all. Malakh had never forgotten that night. So canada goose jackets womens lomons brutal decision had meant the end of his son, Zach, but it had been the birth of Malakh. Some mus canada goose jackets womens t die that others may live. As the light over Malakhs head began changing color again, he realized the hour was late. He completed his preparations and headed back up the ramp. It was time to attend to matters of the mortal world. CHAPTER 87 All is revealed at the thirty-third degree, Katherine thought as she ran. I know how to

drowned once, the man whispered. It was on your familys estate in Potomac. Your brother shot me, and I fell through the ice, out at Zachs bridge. Kathe canada goose jackets womens rine glared at him, filled with loathing. The night you killed my mother. The gods protected me that night, he said. And they showed me the way . . . to become one of them. The water gurgling into the box behind Langdons head felt warm . . . body temperature. The fluid was already several inches deep and had completely swallowed the back of his naked body. As it began creeping up his rib cage, Langdon felt a stark reality closing in fast. Im canada goose jackets womens going to die. With renewed panic, he raised his arms and began pounding wildly again. CHAPTER 101 Youve got to let him out! Katherine begged, crying now. Well do whatever you want! She could hear Langdon