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directors voice was unmistakablelike gravel grating on a chalkboard. Throat cancer surgery had left Sato with a profoundly unnerving intonation and a repulsive neck scar to what is canada goose branta match. I want you to find him for me immediately. Thats all? You want me to page someone? Anderson felt suddenly hopeful that maybe the timing of this call was pure coincidence. Who are yo what is canada goose branta u looking for? His name is Robert Langdon. I believe he is inside your building right now. Langdon? The name sounded vaguely familiar, but Anderson couldnt quite place it. He was now wondering if Sato knew about the hand. Im in the Rotunda at the moment, Anderson said, but weve got some tourists here . . . hold on. He lowered his phone and called out to the group, Folks, is there anyone here by the name of Langdon? After a short

inside. In the end, he simply chalked it up to Peters eccentricity and locked the package in his librarys wall safe, eventually forgetting all about it. That was . . . until this morning. The phone call fro what is canada goose branta m the man with the southern accent. Oh, Professor, I almost forgot! the assistant had said after giving Langdon the specifics of his travel arrangements to D.C. There is one more thing Mr. Solomon requested. Yes? Langdon replied, his mind already mo what is canada goose branta ving to the lecture he had just agreed to give. Mr. Solomon left a note here for you. The man began reading awkwardly, as if trying to decipher Peters penmanship. ‘Please ask Robert . . . to bring . . . the small, sealed package I gave him many years ago. The man paused. Does this make any sense to you? Langdon felt surprised as he recalled

sheet of paper. Propped against the wall beside the desk stood what is canada goose branta the fearsome shape of a long scythe, its curved blade as familiar as that of the grim reaper. Sato stepped into the room. Well, now . . . it appears Peter Solomon keeps more secrets than I imagined. Anderson nodded, inching after her. Talk about skeletons in your closet. He raised the light and surveyed the rest of the empty chamber. And that smell? he added, crinkling his nose. What is it? Sulfur, Langdon replied evenly behind them. There should be two saucers on the desk. The saucer on the right will contain salt. And the other sulfur. Sato wheeled in disbelief. How the hell would you know what is canada goose branta that?! Because, maam, there are rooms exactly like this all over the world. One story above the subbasement, Capitol security guard Nu.ez

great power . . . I simply cant take it seriously. Bellamys eyes looked both disappointed a what is canada goose branta nd earnest, making Langdons skepticism all the more awkward. Yes, Professor, I had imagined you might feel this way, but I suppose I should not be surprised. You are an outsider looking in. There exist certain Masonic realities that you will perceive as myth because you are not properly initiated and prepared to understand the what is canada goose branta m. Now Langdon felt patronized. I wasnt a member of Odysseuss crew, but Im certain the Cyclops is a myth. Mr. Bellamy, even if the legend is true . . . this pyramid cannot possibly be the Masonic Pyramid. No? Bellamy ran a finger across the Masonic cipher on the stone. It looks to me like it fits the description perfectly. A stone pyramid with a shining metal capstone, which,

the Solomon inheritance of which you are not yet aware. H what is canada goose branta is father was staring straight into Zacharys eyes what is canada goose branta now. You are my firstborn, Zachary, which means you are entitled to a choice. The teenager sat up, looking intrigued. It is a choice that may well determine the direction of your future, and so I urge you to ponder it carefully. What choice? His father took a deep breath. It is the choice . . . between wealth or wisdom. Zachary gave him a blank stare. Wealth or wisdom? I dont get it. Solomon stood, walking again to the vault, where he pulled out a heavy stone pyramid with Masonic symbols carved into it. Peter heaved the stone onto the desk beside the portfolio. This pyramid was created long ago and has been entrusted to our family for generations. A pyramid? Zachary didnt look very

a car accident. Seeing the scar every day reminded me of the accident, the dealer said, and so I tattooed over it wit what is canada goose branta h a symbol of personal power. I took back control. That night, high on his new stash of drugs, Andros staggered into a local tattoo parlor and took off his shirt. I want to hide these scars, he announced. I want t what is canada goose branta o take back control. Hide them? The tattoo artist eyed his chest. With what? Tattoos. Yes . . . I mean tattoos of what? Andros shrugged, wanting nothing more than to hide the ugly reminders of his past. I dont know. You choose. The artist shook his head and handed Andros a pamphlet on the ancient and sacred tradition of tattooing. Come back when youre ready. Andros discovered that the New York Public Library had in its collection fifty-three books on tattooing, and

was being paid to access this particular file or even that it was on a CIA se what is canada goose branta rver. Okay. We finished questioning him, and hes clean. But heres the weird thingthe same file he was targeting had been flagged earlier tonight by an internal search engine. It looks like someone piggybacked into our system, ran a specific keyword search, and generated a redaction. The thing is, the keywords they used are really strange. And theres one in particular that the CI flagged as a high-pr what is canada goose branta iority matchone thats unique to both of our data sets. He paused. Do you know the word . . . symbolon? Nola jolted upright, spilling coffee on her desk. The other keywords are just as unusual, Parrish continued. Pyramid, portal Get down here, Nola commanded, mopping up her desk. And bring everything youve got! These

of his mental energy on the chessboard of symbols. What could they possibly mean? Unfortunately, the assortment seemed so disparate that he could not even imagine where to begin. Theyre not even from the same eras in history! Outside the tank, her voice muffled but audible, Katherine could be heard tearfully begging for Langdons release. Despite his failure to see a solution, the prospect of death seemed to motivate every cell in his body to find one. He felt a strange clarity of mind, unlike anything he had ever experienced what is canada goose branta . Think! He scanned the grid intensely, searching for some cluea pattern, a hidden word, a special icon, anything at allbut he saw only a grid of unrelated symbols. Chaos. With each passing second, Langdon had begun to feel an what is canada goose branta eerie numbness overtaking his body. It was