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555 feet into the sky, more than thirty stories, proclaiming thanks and honor to the demigod forefather for whom this capital city took its newer name. Washington. Now, centuries later, despite Americas separation of church and state, this state-sponsored Rotunda glistened with ancient religious symbolism. There were over a dozen different gods i canada goose gloves n the Rotundamore than the original Pantheon in Rome. Of course, the Roman Pantheon had been converted to Christianity in 609 . . . but this pantheon was never converted; vestiges of its true history still remained in plain view. As you may know, canada goose gloves Langdon said, this Rotunda was designed as a tribute to one of Romes most venerated mystical shrines. The Temple of Vesta. As in the vestal virgins? Sato looked doubtful that Romes virginal guardians of

what I demanded . . . The older mans face contorted in a mask of horrified recognition . . . and disbelief. I warned you, Malakh said, if you pulled the trigger, I would haunt you forever. But youre Malakh lunged, driving the Taser hard into Solomons chest again. There was another flash of blue light, and Solomon went completely limp. Malakh put the Taser back in his pocket canada goose gloves and calmly finished his tea. When he was done, he dabbed his lips with a monogrammed linen napkin and peered down at his victim. Shall we go? Solomons body was motionless, but his eyes were wide and engaged. Malakh got down close and whispered in the mans ear. Im taking you to a place where only truth remains. Without another word, Malakh wadded up the mo canada goose gloves nogrammed napkin and stuffed it into Solomons mouth. Then he

Warren Bellamy? Langdon had never met the Architect of the Capitol, but he certainly knew the mans name. Peter speaks very highly of you, Bellamy said, and Im sorry we are meeting under these dreadful circumstances. Peter is in terrible trouble. His hand . . . I know. Bellamy sounded grim. Thats not the half of i canada goose gloves t, Im afraid. They reached the end of the lit section of corridor, and the passageway took an abrupt left. The remaining length of corridor, wherever it went, was pitch-black. Hold on, Bellamy said, disappearing into a nearby electrical room from which canada goose gloves a tangle of heavy-duty orange extension cords snaked out, running away from them into the darkness of the corridor. Langdon waited while Bellamy rooted around inside. The Architect must have located the switch that sent power to the

Bellamy hung up, frowning. Still no answer. Heres what I dont understand, Langdon said. Even if I could somehow accept that this hidden wisdom exists . . . and that this pyramid somehow points to its underground location . . . what am I looking for? A vault? A bunke canada goose gloves r? Bellamy sat quietly for a long moment. Then he gave a reluctant sigh and spoke guardedly. Robert, according to what Ive heard through the years, the pyramid leads to the entrance of a spiral staircase. A staircase? That canada goose gloves s right. A staircase that leads down into the earth . . . many hundreds of feet. Langdon could not believe what he was hearing. He leaned closer. Ive heard it said that the ancient wisdom is buried at the bottom. Robert Langdon stood up and began pacing. A spiral staircase descending hundreds of feet into the

course . . . service entrance . . . There was the loud grinding of what sounded like a garage door, and as it opened, the voice added, Shall I accompany you? Once youre inside, you wont be able to get through No. We have access already. If the guard was surprised, it was too late. The SUV was moving again. It advanced about fifty yards and then came to a stop. The heavy door rumbled closed again behind them. Silence. Bellamy realized he was trembling. With a bang, the SUVs rear hatch flew open. Bellamy felt a sha canada goose gloves rp pain in his shoulders as someone dragged him out by his arms, then lifted him to his feet. Without a canada goose gloves word, a powerful force led him across a wide expanse of pavement. There was a strange, earthy smell here that he could not place. There were footsteps of someone else walking

those within the clergy, chose not to advertise canada goose gloves their affiliation. As they began to talk, it became clear that Dean Galloway already knew some of the nights events from Warren Bellamys phone message. As Langdon and Katherine filled him in on the rest, the dean looked more and more troubled. And this man who has taken our beloved Peter, the dean said, he is insisting you decipher the pyramid in exchange for Peters life? Yes, Langdon said. He thinks its a map that will lead him to the hiding place of the Ancient Mysteries. The dean turned his eerie, opaque eyes toward Langdon. My ears tell me you do not believe in such things. Langdon did not want to waste time going down this road. It doesnt matter what I be canada goose gloves lieve. We need to help Peter. Unfortunately, when we deciphered the pyramid, it

house, but one askew, practically blinding them as they drove in. Agent Hartmann skidded to a stop on the lawn beside a white sedan with a brightly colored decal: PREFERRED SECURITY. The spinning lights and the high beams in their face made it hard to see. Katherine immediately jumped out and raced for the house. Langdon heaved his bag onto his shoulder without taking the time to zip it up. He followed Katherine at a jog across the lawn toward the open front door. The sounds of voices echoed within. Behind Langdon, the SUV chirped as Agent Hartmann locked the vehicle and hurr canada goose gloves ied after them. Katherine bounded up the porch sta canada goose gloves irs, through the main door, and disappeared into the entryway. Langdon crossed the threshold behind her and could see Katherine was already moving across the foyer and

muffled scream through the cloth in his mouth. Stop it! Katherine shouted. I remember that night well, the man taunted as he finished packing. I heard the whole thing. The warden offered to let your son go, but you chose to teach Zachary a lesson . . . by abandoning him. Your boy learned his lesson, all right, didnt he? The man smiled. His loss . . . was my gain. The man now retrieved a linen cloth and stuffed it deep into Kather canada goose gloves ines mouth. Death, he whispered to her, should be a quiet thing. Peter struggled violently. Without another word, the tattooed man slowly backed Peters wheelchair out of th canada goose gloves e room, giving Peter a long, last look at his sister. Katherine and Peter locked eyes one final time. Then he was gone. Katherine could hear them going up the ramp and through the metal door. As